Cafe on the Dam

Opening Hours:
Monday to Wednesday
10am to 4pm
Closed Thursday and Friday
Saturday 10am to 4pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm

We are open all year round and every Public Holiday
excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Fully Licensed.

Bookings and enquiries:
Phone: +61 8 9525 9920

some reviews from 2012

Weekend Notes


As the silly bug spreads within my little travelling circus I've been reluctant to dine in public for fear of bread breaking shenanigans. Lately my eight month old "operatic soprano" thrives from an audience as she flamboyantly belts out a few head turning, glass shattering ditties of a meal time. Not to be outdone my three year old channels "Ye ole town crier" as he hollers Ipod! Ipod! Ipod!(yes... we're one of the pioneering "Ipod-as-a-silencer" parents) to the beating of a knife/fork/table/sauce/glass/plate combo drum solo. To add to this joyous ritual that is our life in public they have both discovered the wonderful world of acoustics in all its echoing, sound bouncing glory. Apologies to the good people at many a Dome cafe.

I can hardly be blamed for nervously awaiting an onslaught of flashing lights and warning sirens accompanied by a sea of tut-tuts and sideward scowls whenever we "roll on up" to an eatery. So like a circus that has exhausted its welcome in one area, we leave for another and head South. And thank the big top clown gods we did.

The very lovely Café on the Dam in Jarrahdale was a lucky find indeed and this happy little nugget of parenting joy could be a local secret for good reason. The food was fresh, tasty and reasonably priced both times we've been with a great choice of an All-day Breakfast, Lunch, Devonshire tea, coffees, delicious cakes and slices. It's also fully licensed which was almost enough to bring a tear of joy to my eye, until I realised, it's child friendly too! They have a good sized area inside with toys, books, colouring in, a few child sized tables as well as high chairs on offer. There is a wood fire so it's toasty warm though you will have to drag yourself away from the indoor wonders to really experience the natural extravaganza that awaits outside. The views of the Serpentine Dam and National Park are breathtaking. There is wildlife aplenty and if the clean air and surreal feeling of open space doesn't calm down the littlies, then a walk down to the dam and the observation tower should hopefully tucker them out.

It's a lovely drive and the food, service, and surroundings were excellent. The warm and welcoming atmosphere was simply a bonus... totally tut-tut and scowl free!


Dam those Hills

WA SAAB Club Lunch Run, National Car Heritage Day, 20 May 2012.

The run was a meandering drive through the Perth Hills commencing at Lesmurdie and finishing at Cafe On The Dam located on the Serpentine Dam.

The drive itself was fairly short (around 75 klms) in comparison to other runs in the past, but it took in some of Perth's most picturesque water catchment areas. We passed Churchmans Brook and Wungong Reservoirs, and finished at the Serpentine Dam. For those not familiar with the Perth hills, there are 10 dams that form an incredible water catchment network, over a relatively small area. These are responsible for supplying water to Perth and Kalgoorlie (some 600 klms from Perth.)

Perth's weather is perfect for going topless - with 3 out of the 7 cars being convertibles! Sean's 1993 900i, John and Terese's 9 3 and our 1993 900 T16s being the topless participants - enjoyed the brisk wind in the hair and bugs in the teeth drive! Chris, Bamboo, Roger, Pauline, Bob and Enid and our relative newcomers, David and Dahlia, had to settle with being snugly tucked away in their warm hard-topped cocoons, missing out on the unusually warm weather Perth is experiencing at the moment.

Cafe On the Dam is located on the Serpentine Dam near Jarrahdale. It's perfect location allows a wonderful view of the dam and it's forest surroundings, and of course the frequent visit of native birds and parrots.

Gianni and Sarah Ruffino run the cafe and offer a varying seasonal menu at very reasonable prices. A few of us took in the short walk to the dam wall, in an effort to burn off a bit of the lunch time weight, and the aerobic climb back up the stairs seemed to work well! Being National Car Heritage Day there were many members with commitments to other clubs, so they couldn't attend this drive, but after seeing so many other clubs out on the road, I don't think anyone missed out.

Thanks to all.

Bruce and Jo